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Student Recognition

Appropriate behavior, good grades, and excellent attendance will be recognized and rewarded by the teachers, principal, and Parent Teacher Club.

School Pride- Lanyard and Charms:
As our students strive and achieve, we believe that our students should carry their recognition with them. Our PTC provides a school lanyard for each student. As students strive both in character and academics as members of our learning community, they earn specific charms that distinguish their level of commitment to their thinking, learning, behavior and participation as the Mustang Strong. 

Congratulations! "Arli Caught You":
This award will be given to students for positive behavior, good citizenship, and community service actions. The tickets are awarded on the spot for students demonstrating our school-wide expectations and positive character traits. Drawings for prizes are held weekly in the multipurpose room. Winners will also be mentioned in the Mustang Messenger.

Student of the Month:
Each month names will be submitted by the teachers to the principal for students who showed outstanding achievement in academics and/or citizenship. These students will receive a certificate and a gift reward. These names will also be mentioned in the Mustang Messenger and posted in the multi-purpose room. 

Students with perfect attendance and no tardies in a trimester will be recognized and rewarded. They will receive a certificate and their names will be posted in the multipurpose room and listed in the Mustang Messenger.

Students of the Month

Each month the classroom teachers at Arlington Heights pick 2-3 students as their Students of the Month.  These students are chosen for showing one or more of the following characteristics... Outstanding Academics, Good Citizenship, Strong Effort, and Improvement.( Please note the children are listed by their first name and the first initial of their last name to insure their privacy on the internet.)